Polymer Clay Gift Tags

Last week, my work held their annual employee appreciation luncheon.  To make the flower centerpieces a little more special, I made “Thank You” gift tags to hang on the vases.  If you’d like to make your own custom gift tags, keep on reading. =)




  • Use a fondant/cookie cutter to punch out the gift tag.  You can find a wide variety of different shape cutters at your local craft store.


  • Punch out a small circle with a straw.


  • Carefully place the gift tags onto an oven safe baking dish.
  • To harden, bake the polymer clay as directed.


  • Allow the gift tags to completely cool before handling.


  • Attach a piece of string or ribbon to each gift tag.



The gift tags can be used on vases like this one from Ikea, tied to party favors, or tied to gifts.  For example:

  • “It’s a boy/girl” on baby shower favors
  • “M ♥ A” or “M+A” on bridal shower favors
  • “To: Jessica” on birthday or Christmas gifts

2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Gift Tags

  1. Kerrie says:

    Hi Ms Tapioca, I am experimenting polymer clay however for some reason, they seem to be very prone to have fibre bits or dirt stuck to them making them look dirty. May i know how to you prevent/solve this issue? TIA!

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