How I Organize My Planner

In this day and age, everything you need to help stay organized is available on your mobile device or computer.  There’s an app for everything: calendars, to-do lists, and reminders.  However, I have always been the type of person who liked to use a planner and colored pens. Does it take more time?  Yes, but I enjoy it! =)



Fall in Design has the cutest Korean stationary, accessories, and craft supplies.  The planner I chose was the 2015 Ardium Hello Coco Weekly Dated Diary Scheduler.  I chose this planner because it’s ADORABLE and it’s small enough to carry in my purse.



How adorable are these little drawings?!



I list birthdays and anniversaries here.  When it comes time to transfer all the information next year, it’ll be a lot easier to have it all on one page.




I don’t use the monthly pages very much, except for a mini version of the Crafty Checklist for Monthly Bills.  When I receive a bill, I write the due date on the actually date, and then cross it off the monthly checklist.  That way, I know I’ve written the due date for every bill that month.  The green Post-it Flag is used for quick access.


This page allows you to keep track of your monthly income and expenses.



This is where I keep track of due dates for bills.


For birthdays, I write reminders a few days prior to make sure I send birthday cards and gifts on time.


For events and activities, I like the 3/4″ Round Avery Removable Multi-Use Labels, which come in a variety of colors.  I use the white labels and customize the colors with markers.


The labels are removable so if an event is rescheduled, it’s easy to move it to another day.  You could also color coordinate the labels.  For example, a specific color for your son’s activities and another color for your daughter’s activities.

There is also a section for notes at the back of the planner.  This is where I jot ideas for craft projects and blog posts.


My life isn’t too hectic so the planner is pretty simple and straight forward, but I hope it gave you some ideas.  I can just imagine one day having a planner full of colorful labels for our kids’ soccer practices and ballet classes.  =)


3 thoughts on “How I Organize My Planner

  1. Sharon Chai says:

    I always love reading your posts biggy! Korean stationary is definitely cute but often times their English writing doesn’t make any sense hehehe~

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