Closet Reorganization

Mel and I have been doing some small projects around the house and one of them is to reorganize our closets.  When we moved into our house four years ago, I rushed into purchasing closet shelving and settle for the ClosetMaid Impressions Closet Kits.  Although they work fine, I wish I would’ve thought it out more and planned the space better.  Instead of spending money and purchasing new closet systems, we just rearranged some things.




What I hated the most about the old setup was that I had a lot of clothing that didn’t necessary need to be hung.  For example, cardigans, sweaters, plain cotton tank tops, and casual shirts.  However, the stacks of clothes sitting next to each other would get messy so easily.


To get started, I emptied the shelves and sorted everything into categories.



We removed the shelving on the left wall and replaced it with the Expedit Shelving Unit (now called the Kallax Shelving Unit) from our office that we weren’t really using.


Now there are different compartments for each category.  I also like the option of displaying things on the top of the shelf later on if needed.


On the opposite wall, we removed the closet door and it really opened up the space.  There are 4 sections for clothes that need to be hung and having the door gone makes the clothes more accessible.  The center shelves hold some purses, bras, a basket for underwear, and swimsuits.


Next up is Mel’s closet.  Yikes…


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