Birthday Picture Frame: Nathan

Along with some birthday cupcakes, I thought Nathan and his parents would enjoy a small gift to remember his first birthday.


Adding polymer clay decorations to a plain picture frame is a great way to customize a gift.


For the balloon strings, use a small nail to create the holes.  Optional:  Add a tiny, tiny amount of black paint in each hole to make them stand out.


Make a wish Nathan!


I love birthdays. =)

For other customized picture frames, click here.  Have a great weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “Birthday Picture Frame: Nathan

  1. Kerrie says:

    Hi Ms Tapioca,

    I really love your polymer clay frames and Im inspired to make one for my friend who is expecting too. Is it possible for you to do a post to show us what are the tools you use to make them (e.g. alphabet/ shape moulds) and where about to get them from? thanks! Ta, Kerrie

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