DIY Christmas Garland

After seeing an Instagram photo from Creature Comforts, I was inspired to make my own Christmas garland.  Her blog is amazing so make sure you go check it out if you haven’t already.


  • Select a light weight, air dry clay.  I used Premier Light Weight Stone Clay (Michaels).

  • Roll out clay on wax paper.
  • Cut out shapes with small holiday cookie cutters (Michaels).

  • Let clay air dry completely.  I left mine out for 2 days.  After the first night, I had to reshape some of them because they curled a bit.  Luckily they were still a little soft.
  • I recommend making the shapes thicker because mine were quite thin and more fragile.

  • Determine your garland size.  I used 7 pieces of string with 21 shapes on each.
  • Then determine your pattern.  Alternating shapes on each string or all the same shapes?
  • Using a tape measure as a guide, lay out your shapes upside down.
  • Using a hot glue gun, attach string or ribbon to the shapes.  NOTE:  Hot glue may be too hot for air dry clay, but it dries quickly and worked for me.  Another craft glue or Elmer’s glue would be a better choice.

  • Tie the strings to a wooden dowel (Michaels).  Mine are 4 inches apart.
  • Use another piece of string and tie a knot on each end of the wooden dowel.  This will create a triangle to hang the garland.

  • I wanted them all facing the correct way so I used double-sided tape to attached the middle and last shapes to the wall.  Of course you can let them hang freely if you don’t mind seeing the back side.  They would probably have a better chance of laying flat against the wall and facing the correct way with ribbon instead of string.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. =)


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