Doodle a Day Challenge: October 1-10

I love doodling, but a lot of the times I have no idea what to draw.  Then on October 1st, instagram user “ellolovey” posted The Doodle a Day Challenge for the month of October.  I absolutely adore her work and thought this was such a cute idea.

[Created by instagram username fatmumslim]

Here are the first ten days:

If you enjoy drawing, painting, or taking photos, I would definitely try this fun challenge.  It’s a nice way to remember what happened on any particular day and I like how it’s turning into a picture journal. =)

Have a great weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “Doodle a Day Challenge: October 1-10

    • msTapioca says:

      Hi Juneau. Here is a list of what I currently use to doodle:

      Pens: Sakura Pigma Micron Pens
      Markers: Prismacolor Premier Art Markers (these are great because each marker has a thick and thin end)
      Pencils: Staedtler Mars Automatic Drafting Pencils
      Eraser: Sandord Magic Rub

      Happy doodling!

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