Mom’s Handmade Birthday Card

Yesterday was a very special day—my mom’s birthday.  No matter how old I get, she still prefers handmade birthday cards and still has old ones scattered around the house and office.

Over the last few years a lot has changed in our family.  My older brother got married, my sweet niece was born, and I got married.  Everyone’s growing up and my mom misses the days when we all lived under the same roof.  Although the distance can be hard, we think about her all the time.

Now that Jerry and I are gone, she has little Sophie and Zoe to keep her busy. =)

I’m only an hour away, but that’s still too far.

My mom is such an amazing woman and has taught me so much over the last 31 years, but the meaning of unconditional love is the one thing I cherish the most.  Although we’ve had disagreements in the past, I always seem to remember the moments after rather than the arguments themselves.  The moments when her understanding, supportive, and caring nature shined through.  One day, I aspire to be just as amazing to my kids.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!  I love you oh so very much. =)


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