Crafty Checklist for Monthly Bills

Since my bills are paperless, I don’t use the monthly bills binder as often.  Instead, I just pay them online and last month I forgot the water bill and it was two weeks overdue–oops!  When it came time to pay this month’s bills, I scribbled down a list on a notepad and started to scratch off the ones that were paid.  At that moment, I had an idea and grabbed my markers . =)

I drew pictures that represented my monthly bills, scanned them on the computer, and duplicated them for every month.

Starting on the top row from left to right:  Mortgage, HOA, home security system, water/sewage, PG&E, garbage, Comcast (TV/internet/telephone), American Express, Visa, J.Crew credit card, Macy’s credit card, and Target credit card.

As each bill is paid, it gets crossed out.

If it’s easier for you to see the due dates, it can be written in each month.

Since our garbage bill is only due on odd months, I went ahead and crossed off the even months.  Mel just changed my car oil so he suggested drawing an oil tin and writing the miles so we’ll know when to change it next.  Good idea Mel! =)

If you don’t have this many bills to worry about (lucky), your kids could also use it for their chores around the house.  Drawings of a:

  • Shirt = laundry
  • Plates & cups = dishes
  • Fork & knife = set the table
  • Grass & flower = mowing the lawn
  • Dog/cat/fish = feed the pets
  • Broom = sweep/vacuum
  • Toilet = clean the bathroom
  • Trash can = take out the garbage

Maybe having a checklist like this will make them WANT to cross things off.  Probably not, huh? =)


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