“My First Year” Shadow Box & Pillow: Kaia

I went to San Diego over the weekend to visit my cousins who just had their first baby girl, Kaia.  They had a big party when she turned 1 month old and requested a shadow box similar to Malia’s.

Since baby Kaia was born in June, the picture frames started with June.  This is a little different than Malia’s shadow box because as the months go on, my cousins will insert the baby pictures.

They liked the Hello Kitty and toy so we kept those the same.

Then added some building blocks to spell out her name and of course some books.

Their backyard is gorgeous so I took advantage of the photo opp!

They also bought this cute keepsake pillow and I used paint puff (Michaels) to write all of Kaia’s information.  Super cute!

Baby Kaia is so cute and so lucky to have parents who love her so much.  We’re all so incredibly happy for them and wish their new family the very best.  CONGRATULATIONS PENI AND TRANG!!


10 thoughts on ““My First Year” Shadow Box & Pillow: Kaia

  1. Brittney says:

    I came across this shadow box and fell in love with it. How do you make the molds? Do you buy something to mold it into?

    • msTapioca says:

      Hi Brittney. No, I didn’t use any molds. For the frame itself, I used a straightedge and x-acto knife. Then a square cutter to punch out the photo opening and alphabet stamps for the months. The little decorations were shaped by hand.

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