Treating Keratosis Pilaris — aka “Chicken Skin” Bumps

Since Mel was a little kid, he’s had keratosis pilaris (KP), also know as “chicken skin” bumps.  KP is a skin condition that creates a lot of small, rough, red/tan bumps around hair follicles typically on the upper arms and legs.  Poor Mel has always been a little self conscious about it.

Years ago, he tried the popular DERMAdoctor KP Duty Body Scrub and Moisturizing Therapy.  He used it religiously for months but didn’t see a big difference.  After that, he tried other body scrubs, but nothing really seemed to work…until now.

About a month ago, my mom gave us a couple of South of France bar soaps in Pure Gardenia.  After a few weeks, Mel said his upper arms were a lot smoother and he was right!  I couldn’t even feel the little bumps anymore.  We tried to figure out why his upper arms were so smooth all of a sudden and we thought it might be the new soap, but we weren’t completely sure.  So we (actually, Mel) decided to do a little test.  A few days ago he went back to our regular soap and, lo and behold, the chicken bumps have started to reappear.

Mel’s not sure if all of the South of France bar soaps would have the same results, but he’s sticking with the Pure Gardenia one. =)  The bar soaps are made of 100% vegetable oils (palm oil, coconut oil, or olive oil, vegetable glycerin, organic shea butter, and natural and essential oils.  They are also free of sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, paraben and phthalates and never tested on animals.  They’re gluten free, soy free, and vegan.  Sounds pretty good, huh?! =)

The bar soaps are available at your local World Market or Whole Foods.  Everyone’s skin is different so although this works for Mel, it might not necessarily work for you.  However, if you suffer from KP yourself and haven’t found anything that really helps, Mel and I would definitely recommend that you try out this gardenia bar soap. =)

P.S.  The reason my mom decided to buy this soap was because our wedding bouquet had gardenias and it reminded her of that day.  She’s so cute. =)


11 thoughts on “Treating Keratosis Pilaris — aka “Chicken Skin” Bumps

  1. Annie says:

    OMG…thank you for sharing. My 14 mth old son and myself both have KP and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. I’m trying this out! Thank you again for sharing!!!

  2. Naomi says:

    So thanks to Modgblog if found your website and this post! I have a bad case of KP and reallly hope this works for me 🙂 Thank you so much and I’ll leave a message again in a few weeks to let you know how it went!

  3. Ligia says:

    I love South of France soaps. They smell delicious! The best soaps ever! I always buy them at
    You can use my coupon code NAK992 to get $5 off your first purchase + free shipping for orders over $40 + free samples. They ship worldwide.

  4. Sandra says:

    As i read your post about the soap i was so impressed about the results after use the soap! Now i’m going to order some soaps and try it, maybe it works on me too. i hope so! thank you for these information.

  5. Hanna says:

    I had KP when I was younger then it went away for a few years. It came back with a vengeance during my pregnancy and has not went away since and is much worse. I just started using Goat’s milk soap by Canus. I have only been using it for a week and I have already noticed a difference. Plus the soap smells so good! They also have fragrance free.

      • Hanna says:

        I just ordered more from It’s $5.99 for a pack of 3. I buy the olive oil and wheat protein. I love the smell. I hope it helps! I notice most store brands make my skin worse so I have a cupboard full of more organic soaps to try out. I’ll let you know if I find anymore that work!

  6. becky says:

    Hi there.. im going to try the soap it sounds great! I just wanted to share with people that ive been using soap and glory products for about 5 years now and i swear by ‘the scrub of your life’ followed by ‘the righteous butter’ body lotion afterwards for my kp it has improved it quite a lot. Hope this is of help to anybody as i know how unsightly kp can be at times and i used to get quite embarrassed by it. Good luck people! Xx

  7. The Ink Skeleton says:

    I got lucky with KP Duty, I guess? It worked for my sisters and me, but we used the original lotion not the 1&2. The scrub works wonders but it’s hard to afford the DERMADoc. products.

    I’m glad you found something that works for him, though! No matter the product. I wish I could use bar soaps or stuff with strong essential oils. It would be a lot cheaper!

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