Customized Picture Frames: New York & Taiwan

Little Malia is turning 1.5 years old this month and so far she’s been to Taiwan and New York City.  Since she’s growing up so fast, I thought these picture frames would be a nice way for my brother and sister-in-law to remember their first family travels.


  • Find a plain picture frame (Ikea) with a flat surface.

  • Using Sculpey polymer clay (Michaels), make your decorations.
  • Bake the decorations as directed.

  • Once the decorations have cooled, attach to the picture frame using a hot glue gun.

When deciding on what decorations to make, I thought about what they did and where they went sightseeing.  For the Taiwan frame, I included a tray of food because the food in Taiwan is AMAZING.

During their trip, they visited the Taipei 101 building.

They also ate at the Hello Kitty themed restaurant. =)

New York Ciiiiiiity!

A drink from their visit to Serendipity 3.

I’m not sure if they went to the Empire State Building or took a taxi, but I just had to include it.

And of course, a stroll in beautiful Central  Park.

I wonder where little Malia will travel next…


3 thoughts on “Customized Picture Frames: New York & Taiwan

  1. nerdy2+2life says:

    these are just sooooo cute, I love making things myself, I’m not quite this crafty, but great job…awesome gift idea, which is exactly what I was searching for..

  2. Valentina Dang says:

    what a neat idea! I was thinking of gifting my boyfriend’s family collage frames for christmas. we’re all about to go on a trip together so a DIY is much more meaningful, thanks for the creative tips 🙂

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