Inglot Cosmetics

During a recent trip to Vegas, the one store I had to visit was Inglot Cosmetics.  I love MAC eye shadows because they’re so pigmented and easy to blend, but I’ve heard good things about Inglot so I wanted to try them as well.

Inglot allows you to build your own custom palettes using their Freedom System.  First, you choose your eye shadows, blushes, concealers, powders, eyebrow powders, or lipsticks.  I filled my palettes with just eye shadows and one blush.

Then choose an empty palette that will fit your selections.

Then pop your selections into the palette.

Eye shadow #463 – Nice and creamy highlighter…look at the pigmentation!

Eye shadow #40 – Dark purple with shimmer

Eye shadow #498 – Rich, dark black with shimmer

Eye shadow #430 – Gold with a pearl finish

Eye shadow #487 – Light purple…I was a little disappointed in this shadow because it wasn’t as creamy as all the others.  Although it has a very slight shimmer, it feels more like a dry/matte shadow.

Eye shadow #434 – Dark pearl gray with a hint of purple.  I tried taking so many pictures, but couldn’t capture the slight purple in this shadow.  Again, look at that pigmentation.

Blush #57 – Light, dusty rose.  The blush is very creamy, but there is a lot of fallout so I’m concerned it won’t last all day.  We’ll have to wait and see. *fingers crossed*

As you can see, I didn’t create a super colorful palette. =)  Instead, I chose shades of purples and grays for my typical smokey eye and a highlighter shade.  I also don’t have a gold eye shadow so I threw one in there as well.  Since these palettes would be great for traveling, I incorporated a blush into one of them.

Instead of rectangle eye shadow pans, you can also choose circle pans.  Instead of a sliding magnetic lid, there’s a palette that folds and snaps shut.  With their large selection, you have so many possibilities to make a palette that works best for you.


One thought on “Inglot Cosmetics

  1. Jen says:

    I want to try Inglot too, but we don’t have a store here and I’d rather see the shadows in person before buying. Also, I need another eyeshadow like I need a hole in my head, but that’s really besides the point. 😛

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