Wedding Invitations: Alisha & Phil

I had the pleasure of meeting Alisha and Phil a few months ago to talk about their wedding and had the opportunity to work on their invitations.  The wedding will take place at the Old Sugar Mill, which is home to six California wineries and a custom crush facility dedicated to the production of wines.  Therefore, we just had to include the vineyard and winery aspect to the invitations.

Since Alisha and Phil liked our wedding invitations, we decided to use the same concept.

The square cutouts allow you to see through to the next page.

Page 1 onto page 2.

Page 2 onto page 3.

Page 3 onto page 4.

Here’s what each page looked like, front and back.

Page 1:  Ceremony, reception, and registry information

Page 2:  Hotel recommendations for out-of-town guests

Page 3:  Map and driving directions

Page 4:  Postcard response card

By using a postcard as a response card, you save money on postage and don’t have to bother with using another envelope.  The drawing on the postcard was inspired by all the brink walls and wine barrels at the Old Sugar Mill.

Each invitation set was bundled together with black string.

Using some ribbon, the invitations were grouped into stacks of 25 and delivered to the happy couple.  Red ribbon seemed like a good idea at the time, but I think black ribbon would’ve been better to avoid the Christmas feel. =)

They were very pleased with how the invitations came out so that made me really happy.  They informed me that a lot of their guests have been calling/messaging about how much they love the invitations too.  =) =)


P.S.  Wedding menus, table numbers, and cupcakes from their special day coming soon…


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