Husband’s Hygiene Bag

When I go to Target, I always check out the travel size products in the beauty aisle.  I think they’re so cute and I always like to minimize my hygiene bag as much as possible.  However, I never really paid attention to Mel’s hygiene bag until recently.

A few weeks ago, we spent the weekend at my parents’ place and I noticed that his hygiene bag had quite a few full-sized products.

I know it doesn’t bother him so instead of asking, I just decided to change out a few simple things.

I first switched his body lotion and toothpaste with travel sized ones.  By using a compact atomizer (Sephora), it allows Mel to carry his cologne without the bulky bottle.

He has multiple colognes but Sephora only has pink, purple, and silver atomizers.  I wonder if he’ll mind a pink and purple one if it means he can carry a variety of colognes. =)

A small jar holds his face wash. For a long vacation, he’d probably bring the entire face wash, but this small jar works for a short getaway.

Another jar could also hold his moisturizer, but Mel likes the full-size version so no switcheroo here.

As you can see, the changes are super easy and simple but it makes quite a difference.  Mel used the bag over the weekend and he liked how it was lighter and not crammed with so many products.  Success!  So go ahead and make some little changes for your significant other…they’ll appreciate it. =)


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