Quick Snack Toppers

I adore my coworkers and we always like to bring little treats to the office when it’s one of their birthdays.  Recently, it was our assistant/receptionist’s special day and I brought some donuts.  Since they didn’t look very appealing in the box, I rummaged around the office to find some supplies to spruce them up a bit.  Here’s how a quick sign can make your snacks a little more special:


  • Cut out a small piece of colored cardstock (we have some random colored index cards around the office).
  • Using different colored highlighters, design your little sign.

  • Using scotch tape, attach a toothpick to the back of the sign.  Don’t have a toothpick?  A straw from the cafe will work too. =)

  • Arrange the donuts on a tray or display plate and stick the sign into one of the donuts.  Don’t have a display plate in your office?  Ask another department that frequently puts on events and functions.

We placed the donut display on my coworker’s desk so EVERYONE who came in that day knew it was her birthday.  I think it made her feel special. =)

This can also work for other snacks.  Awhile back, one of our employees was about to get married and we brought some goodies on her last day as a single lady. =)


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