Wine Bottle Centerpieces

I work at a college and every year, the administrators and faculty members organize a Classified Appreciation event for our classified (non-teaching) employees.  We have a lunch and give away raffle prices that have all been donated by the administrators and faculty.  We typically do an Easter themed centerpiece but since the holiday has already passed, I took the idea of the wine bottle menu from our wedding and made little centerpieces.

Each wine label listed all 142 classified employees.


  • Start by peeling off a small portion of the label backing.

  • There is a faint vertical line down each side of the wine bottle where the two pieces of glass meet.  Use this as a guideline to line up and attach the left side of the label first.
  • An inch at a time, slowly peel off the backing and press the label onto the wine bottle.  This will prevent air bubbles.

Fortunately, we have a viticulture and winery program at our college so we have a large amount of wine bottles on hand that we can cork and foil.

Five down, ten to go!  After the lunch, the wine bottles will be recycled.  Maybe some of the employees will take a centerpiece and leave it in their office. =)


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