Nail Polish Gift Basket

My best friend just celebrated her birthday so I put together a gift basket of nail polishes.  Afterwards, it dawned on me that her birthday gift last year was also a beauty gift basket. =)


  • Choose a variety of colored ribbons.  These were a little thin so I would suggest choosing thicker ribbon.

  • Cut a piece of ribbon and wrap around each nail polish.  Strips of colored paper would also work.

  • Secure with tape.

Looks like a police lineup. =)

  • Using a paper punch (Michaels), punch out circles of card stock for each nail polish.

  • Design your circles with letters to spell out a message or name.

  • Using double-side tape (Michaels), attach each circle to the  nail polish.

  • Also attach circles to any other accessories in your basket.  Here I included a brush that can be dipped in nail polish remover to fix boo-boos and achieve smooth edges, which is essential for a perfect manicure!  Other accessories could include a nail file, hand lotion, nail decals, or toe separators.

  • Find a small basket or container for your gift.  I found this one in the dollar section at Target.  Since the basket was deep, I used bubble wrap to fill the bottom.

  • Cover the top with tissue paper and arrange your nail polishes and accessories.

If you don’t have enough nail polishes to spell out a message, here are some other options:

  • Spell out the person’s name (if it’s short)
  • Instead of one letter on each circle, write one word on each
  • Use only 1 or 2 nail polishes and stick other circles on the accessories
  • Draw pictures or designs on each circle (i.e. birthday balloons, presents, birthday cake, candles)

I feel the urge to paint my nails now. =)


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