Pantry Organization

After looking in our pantry the other day, I realized it needed some TLC.  Yikes!

Using the same plastic grid baskets (The Container Store) from when we organized the bathroom, I quickly sorted all the items into different categories.  If you can, try taking items out of the box.

I’m dog sitting this week and that’s little Sophie in the back. =)


MIDDLE SHELF:  Although I absolutely LOVE the clear red Rationell Variera acrylic containers (Ikea) from the before picture, they are more expensive at $5.99 each, while the plastic grid baskets are only $2.99.

Top row, left to right:  Top ramen, spaghetti noodles, Asian noodles.
Bottom row, left to right:  More top ramen, cooking seasonings, candy and snacks.

Yes, it’s a lot of baskets and you might not need as many, but categorizing makes me feel more organized. =)

BOTTOM SHELF, which is a mixture of things:  wine boxes, crockpot, rice, and Pepsi (again, take it out of the box).  I think the rice should go into a large, round container so I’ll have to keep an eye out for that. =)

Happy organizing!


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