Felt Envelopes

My three little cousins were having a joint birthday party and for their presents, I gave them gift cards.  Instead of giving the cards in the normal envelopes, I thought little felt envelopes would make them smile.


  • Measure your gift card and cut a piece of felt accordingly.

  • Sew the sides shut.  By starting the thread in between the flaps, the end of the thread will be hidden.

  • Sew along the top and bottom as well.  Don’t sew the top closed though. =)

  • The front should look like this.  I used embroidery thread (Michaels) for a bolder stitch.  However, using a sewing machine would also give a nice and clean look.

  • For a consistent look, sew the top flap as well.

  • Using fabric pinking shears (Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabric), cut out a stamp and hot glue to the front of the envelope.

  • Using puff paint (Michaels), paint name onto felt.
  • Use fabric pinking shears to cut around the edges as well.
  • Once it’s dry, hot glue to the front of the envelope.

  • Pull out all those extra buttons you get when you buy new clothes. =)

  • Sew the button on the back and cut an opening on the top flap.

You’ve got mail! =)


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