Bathroom Organization

Even though I try to be organized, our bathroom was a complete mess.  Mel gave up his Friday night and took me to The Container Store–ooooh the exciting outings of a married couple. =)

We picked up a few plastic grid baskets, solid baskets, and acrylic trays.  I felt organized just walking out of the store with them!

BEFORE:  Hair supplies…


  • Transfer heat protectant spray into a small spray bottle.  That way, it can fit in the tray and you don’t need to keep the regular sized bottle on the counter.

  • I use my blow dryer almost everyday so I leave it plugged in and when I close the drawer, it’s fine.

BEFORE: Mel used to have a tray on top of the counter all to himself, but my products slowly got mixed in over time.

AFTER:  Now he gets a whole drawer allllll to himself and everything is off the counter.



  • Mel and I swear by these face masks.  Can’t you tell by our backup supply? =)  Click here to read all about them.

  • The bottom basket holds empty travel bags and the red bag to the right is filled with a variety of travel sized beauty items.  Depending if it’s a quick weekend getaway or a vacation, I choose a bag and then fill it with the travel sized items of my choice.  When I come home, I empty the travel bag and toss the items back into the red bag.

  • When you order from Sephora online, the products come in these drawstring bags.  I really like using these when I travel.


AFTER:  I think the baskets on top could look a lot less cluttered, but there’s just too many beauty supplies! =)

  • Since the plastic grid baskets don’t have a flat bottom, I used the solid baskets so the bottles could stand up better.  Also, the bottles can get heavy and the solid baskets are more sturdy.

  • Hair tools that aren’t used as often go in the bottom basket.

  • Next to the basket are some of my nail polishes.  I really LOVE these Rationell Variera baskets from Ikea and if I had the choice, I would buy 20 of them to organize everything in the house.  They’re thick, durable, modern, and I just love them.  However, they’re a bit pricier at $5.99 (small) and $6.99 (large) than the grid baskets from The Container Store, which are only $2.99.  Maybe I’ll just get them for the bathroom. =)  But if that price works for you, I would DEFINITELY recommend the Ikea ones because the overall look would be a lot sleeker with the solid white baskets.  They also come in red.

BEFORE:  Last, but not least…

AFTER:  Mel likes to keep extras on hand so this is the little supply drawer with extra lotions, moisturizers, deodorant, face wash, soap, cleaning supplies, etc.

Hmmmm, looks like we’re running out of soap…I’ll have to remember to pick some up at the store. =)

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend!!


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