“My First Year” Shadow Box: Malia

I cannot believe my baby niece turned one today.  It just seemed like yesterday that we were celebrating at the baby shower.  I thought a little collage of her first year would be a nice gift to remember all the cute moments over the past year.

Using polymer clay, I made picture frames for each month.  After you bake the clay in the oven, it hardens.

Malia was born in January so it worked out perfectly that January was her 1 month old picture, February was her 2 month picture, and so on.  However, each frame can say “1 Month,” “2 Month,” etc.

Then came the decorations.  Malia loves Hello Kitty and her entire birthday party was Hello Kitty’d out! =)

Mel and I gave Malia this toy as a Christmas gift because she loves puzzles.

If you can’t find Malia, she’s probably over in the corner on her foam tile play mat entertaining herself.

A lot of times you’ll find her sitting on the play mat looking at a book…such a smart little girl.  =)

After all the clay decorations were done, I placed them in a shadow box.  The picture frames were glued to the back, while Hello Kitty and the toys sat on the bottom shelf of the shadow box.

I think Malia enjoyed the loud toy more than the shadow box. =)  Happy 1st birthday Malia!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!


3 thoughts on ““My First Year” Shadow Box: Malia

  1. Archies says:

    can you please post step by step process for making these? How did you insert pictures after baking in oven ? I am very new to this idea. so please post material used and also process to make these. TIA.

    • ms.Tapioca says:

      Hi Tia. The link below is a blog post that lists some of the materials and tools I use to make polymer clay decorations. However, it is not a specific step-by-step process for the shadow box. For my niece’s shadow box, I already had her photos. Therefore, I attached the photos to the frame backing first with double-sided tape. After I baked the frame, I glued it directly over the photo and onto the frame backing.


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