Double Makeup Vanity

The DIY Ikea Makeup Vanity is still one of my favorites.  However, wouldn’t it be great to expand on it?

Do you share a room with your sister or college roommate?  Instead of having two single vanities, why not have a double vanity?

Single vanity:  Ikea Ekby Gruvan Shelf
Double vanity:  Upgrade to the Ikea Vika Gruvan TABLE TOP


  • Glue/nail two wooden dowels into the Vika Gruvan Table Top along the red dotted lines.  This will divide the desk into two sides and act as a stopper for the acrylic trays.
  • Use a stool on each side of the vanity.
  • Attach compatible legs to the table top.
  • Place a magnifying mirror on each side.

By having a double vanity, both of you can have your own space but there will be one main makeup area.  It’ll be easier to share each other’s makeup too. =)

By combining both makeup collections, imagine the display.  It’ll look like a department store!


2 thoughts on “Double Makeup Vanity

  1. Linda Tran (My's little sister!) says:

    Annie this is A M A Z I N G!!! I have been trying to create/find a cheap yet chic vanity table for the longest time!!

    And for the lip butters you should try NYX lip spas =)

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