Recycling Birchboxes

A few months ago, Birchbox asked members how they go about recycling their old boxes.  I must say, I like the little boxes because they’re small, sturdy, and simply cute.  I emailed some of my ideas and was happy to see them posted the Birchbox blog. =)

Use #1:
A lot of people recycle their Birchboxes to store makeup and I’m no exception.  Along with the acrylic trays, the boxes fit in the DIY Ikea makeup vanity.  The lid works better because it’s not as tall as the actual box.  I keep rarely used products in the back.

Use #2:
With so many wedding thank you cards to make and write, I recycled a Birchbox to carry the supplies to and from work everyday.  During my breaks, I pulled out the box and worked on the cards.  Having everything in one box made it very convenient.

Use #3:
A box can also be used for a workplace makeup kit, which includes the bare essentials for those mornings I rush out of the house and later realize I forgot to apply blush or mascara.

Use #4:
The boxes are also useful to organizing small pieces of jewelry.  To maximize space, stack the clear jars or turn them on their sides (Michaels).  By having them in jars, you’ll never lose one of the pieces.  It’s also easy to grab and throw in your travel bag.

How would you recycle a cute box?


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