Workplace Makeup Kit

Have you ever been at work and realized you forgot to put on blush that morning?  Or maybe accidentally rubbed your eye and smeared your liner?  That happens to me quite often so after a couple of times, I realized I needed a mini makeup kit at work.

Instead of a small makeup bag that you need to dig through, try to find a small box to spread out your products.  I reused an old Birchbox.

The bare minimum is all you need.  My kit includes:  mascara, cream blush, small amount of mineral foundation in a sample jar, basic brushes, eyeliner, Q-tips, and……mints??

I loooooooove the clam chowder at Boudin Bakery and couldn’t resist these mints.  The little tin was too cute to throw away and later came in handy.  Five MAC (or e.l.f.) eyeshadow pans fit perfectly in the bottom.  Since the eyeshadows are magnetic, two additional pans can stick on the top lid as well.  However, I wouldn’t recommend placing any eyeshadows on the top lid for traveling.  An Altoids tin would also work.

This really comes in handy because you can darken your eyeshadow for an impromptu dinner date after work. =)

Another option is an eyeshadow palette that contains multiple shades.  The e.l.f. Essentials Custom Compact with Mirror is also another great option.  For only $1.00, you get an empty compact that holds four eyeshadows.

The box is cute so I leave it on my desk. =)

NOTE:  Since you won’t be using this makeup on a daily basis, don’t use your favorite items.  Do you have a mascara you’re not really fond of?  Keep it at work instead of collecting dust on your bathroom counter.  The same goes for the rest of your kit—choose items you don’t use at home.  That way, you won’t miss them.


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