Wedding Place Cards

Since our wedding was held outdoors, having the place cards fly away with the wind was a concern.  To prevent this from happening, the wedding favors anchored the place cards.


  • Print out place cards for each guest on yellow index cards (our wedding colors were gray and yellow).

  • Since the index cards were 1/2 inch too long, trim off excess.
  • Punch out circle using a 1 1/4 punch (

  • Score the index card by making a straight crease.  Note:  The X-Acto Paper Trimmer (Staples) has indented lines every 1/2 inch.  I used the back of a butter knife to score the lines.  Super fast…

  • The score lines make it so much easier to fold.

  • Using double-sided tape, attach the end pieces together.

  • Punch out hearts in different colors using a 3/4 inch heart punch.
  • Attach a small piece of Scotch double-sided foam mounting tape (Michaels) to the back of each heart and attach to place card.

The colored hearts corresponded to the entree selections:

  • Gray = beef
  • Red = fish
  • White = vegetarian
  • No heart = children’s meal

To help our coordinator, place cards were organized in Ziploc bags by table number.  A list was included in each bag to indicate who needed to sit next to who.

The wedding favors act as an anchor.  Click here to view the wedding favors.

Placing a mini cupcake in the hole would be cute too!


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