Wedding Favor Matches

Over the course of our engagement, I changed my mind about the wedding favors at least 10 times.  Every time I saw another cute idea on the internet, I wanted to do it but when I came across these on Etsy, I thought they would be easy to make and super cute.


  • Strike Anywhere Matches (Orchard Supply Hardware)
  • Cardstock to print tags
  • String


  • Fill each vial with matches.

  • We used about 20 matches for each.

  • Secure each vial with a cork.

  • Print out tags on cardstock.

  • Punch out holes with a small circle punch (Michaels).

  • Call your friends and have a craft night.  Thanks girls!!  =)

  • Use a piece of string to attach a tag around each vial.

To prevent the place cards from flying away (our wedding was outdoors), the favors sat in each place card.  Click here to view the place cards.


10 thoughts on “Wedding Favor Matches

  1. Jenny M says:

    I gathered so many ideas for DIY wedding favors, but they are either too expensive or complicated to assemble. I am totally going to steal your idea for my wedding in June this year. Did you print two different tags or just a two-sided tag? May I have a copy of your template? Thank you in advance!

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