Wedding Favor Matches

Over the course of our engagement, I changed my mind about the wedding favors at least 10 times.  Every time I saw another cute idea on the internet, I wanted to do it but when I came across these on Etsy, I thought they would be easy to make and super cute.


  • Strike Anywhere Matches (Orchard Supply Hardware)
  • Cardstock to print tags
  • String


  • Fill each vial with matches.

  • We used about 20 matches for each.

  • Secure each vial with a cork.

  • Print out tags on cardstock.

  • Punch out holes with a small circle punch (Michaels).

  • Call your friends and have a craft night.  Thanks girls!!  =)

  • Use a piece of string to attach a tag around each vial.

To prevent the place cards from flying away (our wedding was outdoors), the favors sat in each place card.  Click here to view the place cards.

8 thoughts on “Wedding Favor Matches

  1. Jenny M says:

    I gathered so many ideas for DIY wedding favors, but they are either too expensive or complicated to assemble. I am totally going to steal your idea for my wedding in June this year. Did you print two different tags or just a two-sided tag? May I have a copy of your template? Thank you in advance!

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