Wedding Seating Chart

Siiigh, I can’t believe the wedding is over.  It was fun while it lasted. =)

To direct our wedding guests to their correct table, we used a seating chart board.


  • Cut a piece of wood for the board.  Depending on how many guests you have, the board can be as large or as small as you’d like.  I used a precut 2′ x 2′ piece (Home Depot), but the store is more than happy to cut the wood to any size.
  • Cut fabric, allowing at least a 2-inch allowance around all sides.

  • Wrap fabric around the board.
  • Using a staple gun, secure fabric to the back side of the board.

  • Design and print guest names and their corresponding table numbers.  For our chart, guests were grouped together alphabetically by their last name.
  • Cut out each section.

  • Decide on your layout and attach each section to the board with double-sided tape.  Make sure to leave a space at the top for your heading.
  • Pieces of string tied around the board served as guidelines and removed later.

  • A small piece of paper is used to ensure each section is equally spaced apart.

  • A diagram of the room makes it a little easier for guests to find their table.

  • For the heading, cut out individual letters to spell out the words.
  • Punch holes at the top of each letter.

  • Attach the letters together by weaving string through the holes.
  • Secure heading to board with push pins.

The seating chart sat on an easel and worked perfectly.


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