Wine Bottle Menu & Table Number

Instead of providing every wedding guest with a dinner menu, we decided one per table was sufficient.  We used empty wine bottles to display the menus and table numbers.  You could also use full wine bottles and cover the label.


  • Design and print menus on full-sheet shipping labels (Staples).  Note:  If your menus can fit on smaller pre-measured shipping labels, that would be easier because you won’t need to cut them.

  • Cut out menus.  To mix it up, we had two sets of bottles and two different menu designs.

  • Design and print table numbers on full-sheet shipping labels.
  • Cut out table numbers.

  • Peel off the label backing and attach menu to wine bottle.
  • Attach table number to the opposite side of the wine bottle.

  • To finish off the wine bottles, insert corks.  My work has a corking machine so I was able to fully insert the corks into the wine bottles, but having them partially inserted would be cute too.

  • For an extra touch, use colored Sharpies to draw a design that will peek through the neck of the bottle.

It’s all about the details. =)

By using one wine bottle for both the menu and table number, you save room on the already crowded dinner table.

Bon appetit!!


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