Office To-Do List

Here’s a simple to-do list that I use at the office.  I’m very much a paper and pen type of girl and not a fan of the task list in Outlook.  I would rather have a handwritten to-do list, planner, and calendar instead of an electronic one.  It must be the crafty side in me. =)

Before I leave the office on Friday, I take a few minutes and quickly jot down tasks I know have to be completed in the upcoming week.

Also, any tasks that need be done in the near future.

When I come in on Monday, I check the tasks that need to be done that day.  By doing this, it prevents me from looking at all the other tasks until I’m done with the checked ones.

On Tuesday morning, I’ll do the same thing.  By having each day of the week visible, you can prioritize your tasks and plan out your week.

By the end of the week, almost everything is checked off, along with some additions.  Tasks that weren’t as urgent and got put on the back-burner get transferred to the “Next Week” column.

Then on Friday, a new list is made and all the “Next Week” items are now “This Week.”  And it starts all over…

I keep the list on my paper tray to easily jot down additional tasks as they come up.  I can fold it in half and only show the tasks for this week.

So if you’re a pen and paper type of person that likes to physically check off your to-do list, this may work for you.  I’ve been using this system for months and it’s working really well.  Also, always try to recycle and print on scratch paper. =)

Click here to download a template of the to-do list.


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    • msTapioca says:

      Hi Sophia. I’d be happy to. I don’t have a separate link, but I will send it to your email that you provided. If you have a different email, please let me know.

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