Wedding Invitations

Initially, I was going to wait until after the wedding to post all the crafts at once, but I needed a break from contracts, vendors, menus, and favors!  So here it is…

I came up with the idea for our wedding invitations while driving home from work one day.

After a lot of measuring and numerous drafts for Mel to choose from, here’s what we came up with for our gray and yellow wedding.

Each set had 5 different pages.

Square cutouts on page 1 let you see through onto page 2.

Page 2 onto page 3…(gosh, my lighting is horrible)

Page 3 onto page 4….

And finally, page 4 onto page 5.

All together, we punched 880 squares!!

Mel was such a BIG help.  He punched a lot of the squares and did it perfectly!

The pages were printed front and back, so here’s what each page looked like:

Page 1:  Ceremony and reception information.

Page 2:  Hotel recommendations for out-of-town guests.

Page 3:  Some of our guests took advantage and stayed the whole weekend in Napa.  To help them out, we listed a few of our favorite wineries and restaurants.  Yummy!

Page 4:  Driving directions and map.

Nowadays, everyone has a navigation system or an iPhone app, but I still wanted to include this for the cute factor. =)  This turned out to be me and Mel’s favorite part of the entire invitation.

To make my own clipart, I drew the pictures and then scanned them onto the computer.

This is where all the looooove will take place. ♥ ♥

Page 5:  Response card.

By using a postcard, you save on postage and don’t have to bother with another envelope.  I love getting these yellow cards in the mail. =)  Again, the heart drawings were scanned onto the computer and then moved around to make a tree shape.

According to Mel, the 3 falling ‘heart’ leaves stand for the 3 children we’re going have.  Uhhh……I was only thinking of 1.

Each invitation set was bundled together with yellow string (sewing section at Michaels).

These Garden of Love stamps were so cute and perfect!


3 thoughts on “Wedding Invitations

    • msTapioca says:

      Hi Deb. I made a gray box and that acted as the background. I then added white font on top of it. So the printer is actually printing the gray box and the font is actually the white paper underneath.

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