Ikea Soap Dish

A few months ago, I found these cute soap dishes at Ikea.  I didn’t need a soap dish, but thought they would be perfect for little knickknacks around the house.

The NORRORA bathroom dish set ($5.99) comes with 2 different size dishes.

The soap dishes are made of stone and I like how they’re a little heavy.  I went back to Ikea and picked up a couple extra sets because I’ve been using them throughout the house. =)

They’re perfect in the home office for USB drives, clips, or other office supplies.

Since the bottom of the dishes are a little rough, I wanted to prevent them from scratching the desk.

  • Using some non-slip shelf lining, cut out an oval.
  • Attach the oval to the bottom of the dish with double-sided tape.

Now your dish won’t scratch the surface or slide around.

Common used items are easily accessible.

Look, it’s being used next to the kitchen sink too!  By the way, I love Clorox’s new Green Works line—especially the all-purpose cleaner.

They’re also used on the bathroom counter to hold hair accessories.

See, these dishes are all over the house!  A dish has even made its way into my workplace to hold paperclips, which has become my favorite use for the item because I use SOOOO many paperclips a day it’s crazy.

UPDATE:  Mel saw the blog entry and wanted to use a dish for his collar stays. =)  He’s too cute.

What could you use these soap dishes for? =)


2 thoughts on “Ikea Soap Dish

  1. Dara says:

    Hi Annie! I see just one Kingston USB drive in your dish .. we need to change that so you only have Kingston exclusive!! hehe .. just kidding (sort of) I love your blog, keep it up! love, dara

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