Organizing Monthly Bills

I have a pretty good memory, but sometimes I can’t remember if every bill has been paid.  If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of your monthly bills, this system works for me because it’s fast, simple, and manageable.


  • Binder
  • Dividers
  • 3-hole punch

Use dividers to separate each month of the year.

The first page of the month is a checklist of the bills, due date, and amount due.

  • Record the due date and amount due when you receive a billing statement.
  • As each bill gets paid, check it off as complete.
  • Use this template (MS Excel) to edit the month, list of bills, and columns to fit your needs.

If you receive billing statements in the mail, file them under each month by the due date.  If you pay bills online, the confirmation printouts can be filed here as well.

When the month is over and all the bills have been paid, move it to the back of the binder.  That way, the current month is always on top.

As you receive new billing statements, mark the due dates and amounts on next month’s checklist, and start the process over.  By keeping the binder and 3-hole punch next to each other, it takes seconds to punch and file the bills when they come in the mail.  If you’re like me, it has to be simple and fast or it won’t get done. =)

If your binder gets too full, remove old months, staple together, and file away.  The checklist serves as the coversheet for each month so it will be easy to organize.


10 thoughts on “Organizing Monthly Bills

  1. Vy says:

    Annie! You’re so cute with this.
    I’ve been setting reminders on my phone for bills.
    Although, I have less bills to remember & only ONE credit card (thank goodness).

  2. Lucy says:

    You are too awesome! I just came across your blog viewing the IKEA vanity {I don’t remember how I even got there LOL} Any way your blog is so cute and has great content such as this post. I’m lack in the billing organization department but do think that with your system I’ll quickly have that little issue under control. Thanks much for sharing.

  3. Tyneisha says:

    Thank You so much for this post! I seen this on Pintrest and the next day I went out and brought a binder and tabs!!! Hopefuly I will stay organized for 2013!!

  4. Lady P says:

    This is great! I have been using a similar set up and will use your ideas about monthly tabs to improve my current system. This is an awesome graduation gift put together and present to a young adult…it will serve them well!

  5. Nicole says:

    Thanks for sharing I have been thinking of using a binder to organize by bills but I hadn’t thought it through. I think this will work for me.

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