Great Ahava Deal

Sunday nights can be a drag because after a fun weekend, the last thing I want to do is go to bed and start another work week.  However, this Sunday wasn’t so bad because there was a great deal at the mall. =)

Pure Beauty is having a buy one, get one free deal on Ahava products.  The deal applies to individual products or whole sets!

Mineral Hand Cream (original price $20)

Mineral Foot Cream (original price $19)

Mineral Body Lotion (original price $24)

Bath sponge

The savings you get by purchasing the travel set is HUGE!

Original Price:
Mineral Hand Cream ($20)
Mineral Foot Cream ($19)
Mineral Body Lotion ($24)
Total:  $63 for 3 products

Pure Beauty:
Travel Set (Hand Cream,  Foot Cream, Body Lotion)
$37.50 + 1 free set
TOTAL:  $37.50 for 6 products

That’s two of each product!  And yes, the are all full size.  Ahava has changed the packaging on their products so I assume that’s the reason behind the sale.  Same product, different packaging….I don’t mind at all.  Come Monday morning my hands, feet, and body will be well moisturized. =)


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