Save-the-Date Cards

When it came to save-the-date cards, I wanted something magnetic so our friends and family could display it on their refrigerator.

Mel and I decided on the final design by placing a variety of different options on our refrigerator.  Having a visual really helped us determine which one we like the most.


  • Print out text on white cardstock.  I used MS Publisher to create the designs.

  • Using a paper cutter, cut out each square.

  • Print out date squares on yellow cardstock and cut.

  • Cut out gray squares that are a little larger than the white squares.  You will need 2 gray squares for each card.

  • Using a small hole puncher (Michaels), punch two holes in each date square.
  • Connect the squares by weaving string through the holes.

  • Secure the string to the back of each gray square with tape.
  • Adhere a magnet to the back of each gray square.  I used adhesive business card magnets (Michaels), which I cut into six equal pieces.

Worried that the cards might get tangled or the corners might get bent in the mail, I made small envelopes for each one.

  • Using a paper cutter, cut an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of yellow velum (Michaels) into four pieces.

  • Fold the velum so the card fits snug.

  • To secure the velum cover, print a design on 3/4″ inch round labels (Staples).  I drew the heart design and then scanned it onto the computer.  A very simple DIY clipart.

I like how the velum gives you a sneak peek into what’s inside.

Each card fits into an invitation envelope (Office Depot).  Although the envelope is a lot larger than the card, I already had a box of them in my office.


4 thoughts on “Save-the-Date Cards

  1. VG says:

    Hi – Just found ur site via the DIY ikea makeup on FB.
    Just curious, what is the font style that you used on this project? Ex. ” Save the date” Looks very beautiful – THanks.

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