Baby Shower for my Niece

When I found out my brother and sister-in-law were having their first baby, I was sooo happy!  They came to town for a visit and when they handed me the sonogram picture, I just started crying.  What was even more exciting was when we found out it was a girl!  My sister-in-law didn’t want an all pink baby shower so we used yellow, pink, peach, and cream.

The plan was to have the baby shower in the backyard, but a storm came and we had to move everything inside.  Tissue paper pom poms instantly make a rainy day seem like a party.

Paper windmills make a simple centerpiece.

Hershey Kiss party favors.

My brother’s best friend painted the guestbook tree.  Each guest left a thumbprint as a leaf and signed their name.  Now my brother and sister-in-law can hang the painting in their home and remember everyone who came and celebrated with them.


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