DIY iTouch Felt Case

In college, I joined a sorority and it seemed like every occasion called for a felt pillow.  I didn’t mind because I loved crafts!  So when I needed a case for my iTouch, I busted out some felt and my trusty hot glue gun.  Still no sewing machine in sight, I had to sew it by hand.  Luckily it was small.


  • Measure iTouch and add 1/4 inch around all four sides.  For an iPhone, 1/2 inch may be better since it’s thicker.
  • Trace three pieces onto felt and cut.
  • Take one of the felt pieces and cut off the top 1/3 section (this is the small green piece that will hold your earphones).
  • Place all pieces on top of each other and sew along the left, bottom, and right sides.  NOTE:  Skip a few stitches on the bottom near the earphone plug.
  • Cut random felt circles and hot glue onto case.

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