Beach & LA Lakers Cakes

After taking my first cake decorating class, I needed practice at home.  It was perfect timing because I was going to a birthday dinner for two of my close friends.

I used small bread loaf baking pans and it was the perfect size—not too big, not too small.

One of my friends loves the beach.  When we vacationed in Cabo, I don’t think she ever got off the beach!


  • Spread blue buttercream frosting with a small spatula in order to get the waves in the water.
  • Spread tan buttercream on the remaining part of the cake.
  • Press ground graham crackers on the frosting for the sand.  You can also use brown sugar.
  • Pipe clothing on teddy graham crackers with frosting.
  • Use gummy Lifesaver as a floating device in the water and place teddy graham inside.
  • Remaining teddy grahams can be placed on the beach under a cocktail umbrella.
  • You can also add beach towels under the teddy grahams, beach balls, flip flops, etc.

My other friend is a big LA Lakers fan.  If you say anything bad about his team, trust me, he’ll have a comeback and put you in your place. =)


  • For the basketball, trim an extra piece of cake into a half sphere and attach it to the cake with a little frosting.
  • Pipe dark brown frosting to make the basketball lines.
  • Using a star frosting tip and orange frosting, pipe dots to cover the basketball.

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