Wedding Flowers

A couple of months ago my college friend, Christine, was looking for a wedding florist.  After seeing some floral arrangements on my Instagram, she asked if I would consider making her wedding flowers.  I was hesitant at first because the only experience I have with flowers is buying them from Trader Joe’s and arranging them in a vase.  However, Christine had complete faith in me and wanted to give me the opportunity to try something new.  I must say she was a dream bride to work with.  She trusted my vision and really allowed me to design the flowers as I pleased.

I had planned on purchasing flowers in bulk through Costco, but then found out about the San Francisco Wholesale Flower Mart.  One word…HEAVEN.



Mel and I went at 10AM on Saturday when it was open to the public and after 3 hours, we left with a car full of flowers.  I’m sure it could’ve been done in an hour, but I kept walking around and around…and around.


It was worth it because we left with enough flowers for 6 bridesmaid bouquets, 2 flower girl bouquets, 2 ceremony arrangements, 2 parent bouquets, and 30 centerpieces.



White bouquets with splashes of burgundy, pink, and greenery contrasted with the burgundy bridesmaid dresses.  The bouquets were delivered and kept in mason jars to make sure they got as much water as possible.
[roses, antique roses, spray roses, carnations, calla lilies, tulips, ranunculus, freesia, dusty miller, berzelia...and one lucky bridesmaid got a peony that was left over]



I chose burgundy bouquets for the flower girls and their white dresses.
[carnations, freesia, calla lilies, tulips]



At the ceremony, two low arrangements were placed on the alter table next to the unity candles.
[hydrangeas, spray roses, peonies, ranunculus, tulips, roses, hypericum]


During the ceremony, the bride and groom wanted to present their parents with a bouquet.  The two parent bouquets were also placed on the alter table.
[wax flower, baby's breath, orchids, white and purple freesia, calla lilies, roses, spray roses]


Ceremony floral arrangements and parent bouquets.  As you can see, one of the bride and groom’s friend was setting up a painting in the background.  I’m interested in seeing what the finished painting looks like. =)


The centerpieces were a combination of mason jars (32 oz, 8 oz) and wine bottles.  Lace, jute twine, and ribbon were wrapped around each jar and bottle combination.


Three inch wooden circles (Michaels) were used for the table numbers.  A hole was drilled in the top of the circle and then it was spraypainted with chalkboard paint (Michaels).


Instead of messy chalk, I used Craft Smart Chalk Markers (Michaels; next to the dry erase markers).


Instead of numbers, each table was named after a city the couple has visited.



[roses, Queen Anne's lace, wax flower, baby breath]


This opportunity was wonderful because I was able to be a part of someone’s wedding day and to try something I’ve never done.  Although I had a couple of bad dreams (flowers dying and missing bouquets), the experience was so much fun.




One of the best parts was my support system.  My mom came over to help and we worked, talked, and laughed all day.  Mel was amazing and was my right-hand man.  He carried a ton of flowers, filled buckets with water, cleaned puddles of water from leaky buckets (yikes), prepped 150+ flowers, cleaned, calmed me down when I panicked, didn’t complain when I blasted the air conditioning at 65 degrees to keep the flowers cool, delivered, and set-up the flowers.  And every single time I thanked him, he said, “We’re a team.”

Congratulations Christine and Wade!!  Thank you for the great opportunity.

Polymer Clay Tools

If you’re interested in creating your own customized polymer clay picture frame, keep reading to see what tools I used.  I purchased all the supplies and tools at Michaels Arts & Craft, unless otherwise noted.


Sculpey III Oven-Bake Clay

  • The 30 Color Sampler pack is great for a variety of projects, but single colors are also available.  They’re soft and very easy to work with.


Sculpey Metal Crinkle Cutters

  • These cutters are great because the ruffled edge on the square is a lot cuter.


Walnut Hollow Clay Embossing Set

  • This set includes alphabet letters that you can place together to make different words.  This is what I use to stamp all of the months of the year.

Sculpey Bake & Bond Glue

  • Used when the clay is still soft and is safe to bake in the oven.  For example, I glued the clay pumpkin to the clay frame.


Wilton 37 Piece Alphabet & Number Cut-Outs

  • This alphabet and number kit is found in the cake decorating aisle.  Cake decorating tools are perfect for clay decorations and there are so many different metal cutters to choose from.


Sculpey Acrylic Roller

  • Used to roll out and flatten the clay before using cutters and alphabet stamps.


Sculpey Clay Tool Starter Kit

  • Used to make indentations and helps add more detail to your decorations.  I used the sharp needle tool to make the small details in Santa’s beard and hat trim.


X-Acto Knife

  • Sharp knife to cut out different shapes and intricate details.  An X-Acto knife was used to cut the triangle name flags and also the candle.


Wooden Frame

  • I’ve used the Virserum Frame from Ikea, but any wooden frame would work.



Hand Molded Decorations

  • Unfortunately, I don’t use specific tools for all the decorations and most of them are hand molded.  For example, the Hello Kitty and toy pyramid are made in separate pieces and then glued together with the Sculpey Bake & Bond.


When all the decorations are made, bake the clay as directed.  Once cooled, use a hot glue gun to attach the clay decorations to the wooden frame.

I hope this helps with your next polymer clay project. =)

Birthday Picture Frame: Nathan

Along with some birthday cupcakes, I thought Nathan and his parents would enjoy a small gift to remember his first birthday.


Adding polymer clay decorations to a plain picture frame is a great way to customize a gift.


For the balloon strings, use a small nail to create the holes.  Optional:  Add a tiny, tiny amount of black paint in each hole to make them stand out.


Make a wish Nathan!


I love birthdays. =)

For other customized picture frames, click here.  Have a great weekend everyone!

“My First Year” Shadowbox: Khalaya

My coworker is throwing a Precious Moments themed baby shower and wanted to give a gift to the mommy-to-be.  Since a newborn’s first year goes by so quickly, she wanted the “My First Year” shadowbox/picture frame.






I can’t wait to see the frame filled up next year. =)

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UCLA Sports Cupcakes

Little Nathan celebrated his first birthday last weekend and since both his parents are UCLA alumni, a UCLA sports theme was perfect.





Nathan’s middle name is Royce, after Royce Hall on the UCLA campus.







Nathan’s uncle also made two mini 3-tiered cakes…how cute!!  Happy 1st Birthday Nathan!!

Mason Jars: Valentine’s Day Vase

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  Everywhere you turn, all you see are flowers, hearts, and happy faces.  I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who makes everyday feel like Valentine’s Day, but it’s not a day just for couples.  Flowers seem to always bring a smile to a person’s face so I prepared some Vday goodies for my coworkers.




  • Polymer clay
  • Small heart cookie cutters
  • Baker’s twine or ribbon
  • Flowers
  • Letter stamps
  • Mason jars



  • Roll out polymer clay.
  • Punch out hearts using cookie cutters.
  • Punch out a small hole at top to attach string.
  • Using a toothpick, make small dots along the edges.
  • Using alphabet stamps, stamp the person’s initial.
  • Bake polymer clay according to directions.


  • After the polymer clay has cooled, use baker’s twine or ribbon to attach the hearts to mason jars.  These mason jars are 1.5 pint size.


  • Fill up the mason jars with flowers and water.


I loooove tulips.


Personalizing each heart makes it a little more special.


One for Laura, Liz, Rebecca, Michelle, and Veronica.


Happy ♥ Day everyone!

Fifty Shades of Grey Cupcake Toppers

Over the weekend, my friend threw a Fifty Shades of Grey themed baby shower and requested some cupcake toppers.




For those of you who haven’t heard or read Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s a best selling erotic novel.





Congratulations to the mother-to-be!  I’m sure it was a very fun shower. =)