Simple Gift Tags

Do you ever need to wrap a small gift, but then realize you don’t have any wrapper paper or ribbon?  Look around your house and you might find other options.

I’m working on invitations for an upcoming wedding and the soon-to-be bride wanted to start addressing the 140 invitations right away (smart girl), so I gave her the envelopes first.  It would’ve been fine to simply put the envelopes in a bag and give them to her, but I love personalizing everything.

  • Wrap the package with any type of paper you have around the house.
  • Punch (or cut) out a piece of cardstock and design your label.

  • Punch two small holes on each side of the label.  Thread a piece of string through the holes.
  • Tie and secure the string around the package.
  • NOTE:  If you don’t have a small hole punch, secure the string around the package and attach the label directly on top.

A few beauty items for a friend’s birthday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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