49ers Cake

Birthday cakes were great practice while I was taking my cake decorating courses.  One of my friends is a big 49ers fan so I thought a little football field cake would be cute.


  • For the “49ers” lettering, pipe the outline of the each number with royal icing onto wax paper; let dry to harden.
  • Add water to the remaining frosting a few drops at a time to make it a thin consistency similar to cake batter.
  • Once the outline has dried, fill the inside of each number with the thin frosting.  Use a toothpick to push the frosting into small corners and crevices.
  • Let frosting dry and harden completely overnight (may be longer in cold weather).
  • Once you are ready to decorate your cake, peel off each number from the wax paper and attach to the cake with a little frosting.

NOTE:  Do not pipe royal frosting on top of buttercream frosting.  As you can see, the red coloring from the end zone (buttercream) bled into the white “Happy Birthday” text (royal).

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